Types of Screeds You must Know

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In building construction work, the term screed is already well known. Screed is a layer that is placed on the surface of concrete or plaster as a guide to the thickness you want to be made in certain areas. Generally, screeds are used for finishing layers on internal floors with a thickness of 50mm to 100mm. Ground poured asphalt screed becomes an important part of the construction process to get the appearance and quality in accordance with the planning. Now, to get the right appearance of construction, you should recognize the types of screeds. Here are some types of screeds you need to know.

Anhydrite Screed Type

Anhydrite screed type is a type of screed that is most often used in domestic buildings and commercial buildings, such as airports, hotels and other similar buildings. This type of screed is specially made so that it is easily placed and produces satisfying results. However, this type of screed is not suitable for moist or wet areas and is often exposed to water such as in the bathroom area.

Epoxy Screed Type

Among the types of screeds, this type of screen is usually used for oil refinery areas and factories. Screeds made from epoxy produce an anti-slippery surface so that vehicles and passers-by have strong traction. Epoxy screeds are also fairly strong and have high durability for heavy activities.

Concrete or Sand and Cement Screed Types

Types of concrete or screen screeds with sand and cement are the most commonly used screeds and are the most ideal type of screeds to use. The use of screeds of superior concrete in terms of quality. This screed takes about 28 days of complete drying before it can be used. After that, the treatment needs to be considered so that it is not easily cracked. In connection with concrete screeds and floor construction, to get satisfactory results often use floor hardener services. This service specifically offers construction work for the manufacture of concrete floors with special materials for the floor. The goal is to produce a concrete floor that is strong and has resistance. This floor hardener service provider is certainly familiar with the types of screeds. Usually, factories, warehouses, and parking areas use the services of this floor hardener. Floor hardener services work on the finishing process carried out by experts in their fields to make quality concrete floors. In the process also used a machine to support the work of the trowel machine.

Type of Polymer Screed

This type of screed is made by adding synthetic polymeric elements to the mixture of cement and sand. The aim is none other than to increase power and strength. Screeds like this are usually used in factories that require strong and hard floors. This screed is also used for special renovation works to overcome if the minimum thickness is difficult to obtain.

Mixed Screed Type

This screed consists of a mixture of additives, cement, and fillers with silica sand aggregate. This screed is very practical to use. Just add water and stir evenly before using it as a floor grading. This screed is suitable for floor graders and increases the height of the floor before tiling.