Teaching My Sons Financial Independence

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My sons used to always ask me to buy things for them. When they were really little, I would sometimes buy things, but as they got into their late teens, I told them that they would have to start earning money to get the things they want. When I was a kid, I opened a lemonade stand for extra cash, and when I became a teen, I cut hair. Kids and teens these days have it a bit easier, as they can use the Bitcoin Evolution app to trade bitcoin. I showed my sons how to use the app and gave them some seed money to use for trading.

It didn’t take long for my sons to get the hang of trading, and they had gained enough money to buy new clothes and music. I told them that they might want to save some of that money for a rainy day, but they were too interested in new items. Well, it was their money, so they were the ones who had to make the final call of how to spend it, but I wanted them to practice a little more responsibility with their spending choices.

Months later, one of my sons gained enough trading profit to buy a car of his own. He used to share a car with my other son. They would split the cost of gas money and make sure that the car was properly maintained. Now they’re both able to make trips independent of each other. It’s like they’re growing up right before my eyes. Well, they’re practically already grown men, but they’re growing even more. I just wish that with their growth and financial independence they would remember that things can unexpectedly occur, and it’s best to have a safety net. I have my own from bitcoin trading.