Increasing tolerance (need to spend more time or take larger quantities to realize same “high”)

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Social media, if used sparingly, is not necessarily damaging to relationships. Research has shown social networking use can both positively and negatively affect relationships, depending on how it’s used. For example, social media can help with unhealthy comparison and unrealistic expectations for the purpose relationships should resemble, and couples may spend more time curating an “image” of who they are instead of concentrating on the relationship itself. Whatsapp cheating partrtner use has additionally been connected to poor body image and depression, which may negatively affect relationships.

Social media facebook cheater invites us to compare ourselves websites. For people with self-esteem issues and insecurities, learning about other people’s happiness and successes can deepen feelings of inferiority. It’s an easy task to forget that social networking posts, like photos of air-brushed models in magazines, can produce an idealized, heavily edited version of what’s actually going on. In addition, some determine their self-worth depending on their quantity of Facebook friends or the number of likes, shares, and other interactions they receive.


When couples are active on Facebook it may sometimes create conflict inside the relationship. Conflict in relationships will often stem from insecurity or uncertainty in the relationship. If a person’s spouse posts an image with a member of a man or woman or posts on their wall, then a other partner may begin to feel uncertain in regards to the relationship. Social networking sites make it easy for someone to understand inconsistencies inside relationship. A survey conducted by Fox (2014) revealed that students feel that without Facebook the inconsistencies would still happen but were more likely to be downplayed because it wouldn’t be as public as carrying it out on Facebook. When we feel insecure or uncertain in very relationship social networks help it become easy to check out our significant others. Many people seek out social networking sites to use for surveillance on their own partner.