I’m So Fancy

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

It’s safe to say I’m definitely a ‘life’s too short to wear boring clothes kind of gal – since being a child I’ve given my family heart attack after heart attack with some of the things I’ve worn and they’re lucky that I’m wearing this at the other side of the country today otherwise there would definitely be a ‘what the ‘ell are you wearing, Laura?’ remarks!

I had my eye on this jacket for a while and I wasn’t really sure about it until a stylist came into the office at my last internship wearing it and she looked mega hot, so I snatched it up the first chance I got. I do admit, it is a little out there, even for me, but what’s the fun in a regular old jacket? It’s from a store called Sammydress which is a wholesale website based in Hong Kong and they literally have thousands and thousands of items up there. It’s just the same as anywhere, you have to keep an open mind and remember you get what you pay for, but when it’s fast fashion that doesn’t really matter. The dress is an old gem in my closet that I will always love because a perfect all-year-round dress, from Winter blues to summer sun and Ray-Ban Sunglasses, and it’s majorly cute. Oh, ASOS.

The shoes are what I got from River Island with my voucher that I won (see last post) and I’m just so in love with them right now. I saw a few bloggers had the pink ones which are so hot and then they all sold out and I’m totally poor but I found these in the Oxford Circus store under the ‘last chance to buy’ section and they were the very last pair… It was fate, honestly.

In other news, today was a hectic day because of the whole tube strike in London, but the silver lining is that I got to go to the fabulous ‘Discover Denim’ event that New Look held at their HQ! And one thing’s for sure, they sure know how to throw a press event. Everything was perfect, there was a denim theme running throughout the entire room and the washing machines as tables was the greatest touch ever! Not to mention the blueberry jar slushy’s were beautiful! It was literally Denim heaven… But enough of that and onto the real reason I was there…

I’ve never been a huge denim fan, mainly because I’m tall and find it hard to find jeans that don’t sag on my backside, but seeing what’s on offer this season is definitely tempting me to change my mind (I even have a pair of mom jeans on the way which I’m ridiculously excited about!). Whatever you’re looking for – New Look have it, in denim of course! Cami’s, jumpsuits, dresses, shorts, skirts, joggers – you name it, they got it! The majority of the new range is already in stores, with the rest dropping in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes out for some of this denim fabulousness because you’re going to need it in your wardrobe this S/S – particularly the super-hot denim jumpsuit in the image below, yum!